Preschool Gymnastics Classes

Are you looking for a way to help your child develop muscle-based skills and socialize with other children their age? Preschool gymnastics offers an active, controlled environment where your toddler can learn many new skills and make new friends! Gymnastics is a great way for both boys and girls to build an athletic foundation from an early age. Skills learned in gymnastics give young athletes the opportunity to develop skills that can be easily translated to any sport.

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Developmental Milestones for Preschoolers

Preschool gymnastics allows preschoolers to achieve many vital developmental milestones. Gymnastics aides in developing fine motor, gross motor and social skills.

Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers

Children start developing fine motor skills in the womb. The lean how to grasp their hands together, and before you know it they are grasping and launching balls into the air. Gymnastics promotes fine motor development through teaching preschoolers to manipulate their hands to move their bodies. Fine motor skills are the foundation children need to learn advanced skills like grabbing, pinching, drawing, and as they advance - reading, and writing.

Gross Motor Skills for Preschoolers

Gymnastics will help your preschooler with gross motor development as well. Gross motor skills focus on larger movements like using their arms, legs, feet, and entire body. From the most basic of gymnastics classes, toddlers are given the opportunity to advance their primary gross motor skills like walking, running, and jumping. Overtime, gymnasts will learn and advance a variety of gross motor skills. Listed below are some skills we focus on from the introduction of gymnastics.

Beginner Skills in Preschool Gymnastics

  • Around the world
  • Developing grip strength
  • Forward roll
  • Two-feet jumping
  • Flapjacks
  • Walking forward and sideways on beam

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Advanced Skills in Preschool Gymnastics

  • Pullover
  • Skins the cat
  • Backwards roll
  • Cartwheels
  • Running hurdle
  • Beginner handstands
  • Backwards walking and kicks on beam

Social Skills for Preschoolers

Gymnastics benefits more than just muscles, it also gives preschoolers the opportunity to learn basic social skills like taking turns, following directions, and separation from their primary caregivers. Of course, there are other places your child can and will develop social skills like preschool, church activities, and other toddler activities. The beneficial aspect of gymnastics, however is that they are given the opportunity to work on fine motor, gross motor, and social skills in a fun, safe, and challenging environment.

What is a Preschool Gymnastics Class like?

Preschool gymnastics classes range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Depending on the skill level of the class, gymnasts work to improve their fine and gross motor skills while interacting with other children their age as well as a coach. Preschool gymnastics classes feature a combination of direct instruction and circuit work. During direct instruction, preschoolers are given the opportunity to focus on a specific skill and directly receive feedback from the coach.  During circuit work, a series of skills and drills are performed one after the other creating a "constant motion" class. 

Other Opportunities to Grow with Gymnastics

Most gymnastics studios offer more than just weekly gymnastics classes. Drop in training and skill clinics are a great way for preschoolers to try gymnastics classes before they commit to a weekly scheduled class. They also make a great add-on activity if your young gymnast is looking for other opportunities to advance their gymnastic skills.

Preschool Gymnastics Classes

Every gymnastics studio has different names and skill goals for preschool gymnastics classes. Which class sound like it would work best for your child? Schedule a free trial!

Parent and Tot

Parent Tot Gymnastics Classes

Class Length and Age Range: 30 minutes or 50 minutes (9 - 18 months, or 18-36 months)

Parents get to join their mini-gymnasts in the gym for this class which focuses on the basics: learning to crawl, walk, run, and jump. Instructors use a variety of age-appropriate equipment to start the formation of muscles at a young age. Parent Tot class includes many fine motor activities to kick-start little muscle and brain development. The class is engaging and gives parents an opportunity to help their little gymnasts develop new skills.

2 Year Old Gymnastics Classes

Class Length and Age Range: 30 minutes (2.5 to 3 years)

This is the first class without mom or dad in the gym. It is a high energy, fast paced gymnastics class. Gymnasts are taught to follow a circuit (like an obstacle course) which include a variety of fine motor and gross motor skills on age-appropriate equipment. Gymnasts in the class are all close in age to promote social interaction. Since parents are not in the class, gymnasts are required to enter the gym by themselves, and to have the ability to listen to coaches and follow simple directions.

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3 Year Old Gymnastics Classes

Class Length and Age Range: 50 minutes (3 years)

This class starts to solidify basic gymnastic skills. With the help of an energetic instructor, gymnasts have fun while learning in an engaging environment. Primary skills learned are jumping with two feet, unassisted forward rolls, walking on a floor beam, and going “around the world” on a bar. Lesson plans are structured, and the equipment used is age-appropriate.

4 Year Old Gymnastics Classes

Class Length and Age Range: 50 minutes (4 year-old beginners, 3 year-old advanced)

In this class, gymnasts are given the opportunity to perfect beginner gymnastic skills as well as being introduced to some advanced skills like backwards rolls, beginner cartwheels, assisted handstands, walking on elevated beams, “skin the cat” on the bar, and so much more. Our trained instructors promote learning these skills in a fun and structured environment. You are sure to see your child’s confidence grow as they learn new skills and make new friends.

5 Practical Benefits of Activities for Preschoolers

Advanced Preschool Gymnastics Classes

Class Length and Age Range: 50 minutes (4-5 years)

Many programs offer and advanced preschool classes for athletes that progress quickly through the beginner levels.  Here, your mini gymnasts become comfortable preforming advanced preschool gymnastic skills like assisted pullovers on the bar, handstands, unassisted backwards rolls, walking and jumping on elevated beams, running hurdles, and much more. Students in these classes are preparing for the school age program  by following more advanced lesson plans. Instructors are full of energy and dedicated to helping your gymnast become the best gymnast they can be.

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